Jasmin Cadavid- “What’s New”

New Jasmine!

Miami native, Jasmin Cadavid, also known as, The Queen of the South, is taking the stage by storm in the South Florida region through her inspiring music career.

Coached by Wanyà Morris of the legendary R&B group Boyz II Men and inspired by artists such as Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown and Nirvana, Jasmin uses her personal experiences of trauma and hardships to become vulnerable within her music. She believes that music is a form of therapy & a way to express yourself, and tell your story. Through those stories, other people can become inspired and understand what you go through & relate.

Jasmin recently released an album titled ‘Chasing a High’ and previously released the hit single “Make Noise” off of the official movie soundtrack for the movie ‘Assassin’ starring Bruce Willis. She now returns with the single “What’s New.”

Check out Jasmin’s On the Radar freestyle below!