Kae Hock Makes A Political Statement With New EP “PINAW: Peace Is Not America’s Way”

Kae Hock

Rapper Kae Hock returns with a new EP featuring “The Voice” contestant Nadjah Nicole!

It is almost election day! But regardless of who wins the presidency, Black People will be right at the front door of the white house demanding change!

On “PINAW: Peace Is Not America’s Way,” rapper KAE Hock addresses the elephant in the room: Police brutality and white supremacy.

Today’s Hip-Hop is lacking the poetry and soul of what this culture was built on, but Delaware native KAE Hock has been working to perfect that lost art of transforming words into hip hop scriptures.

Lyrically his songs read like a biography, showcasing his ability to portray his own reality both past and present. KAE Hock’s life complexities are vividly present in every bar of his lyrics, he bares his true self sharing what made him who he is today.

Take a listen to some of the tracks on “PINAW: Peace Is Not America’s Way.”

Kae Hock · PINAW: Peace Is Not America’s Way