Kanye West Protege Ant Clemons Teams Up With Pharrell For New Single “Aladdin”

In only one month, Ant Clemons’ project “Aladdin” has garnered over 10 million streams.

(AllHipHop News) Ant Clemons steps from behind the Kanye West machine to offer video game inspired visual for his radio-friendly bop “Aladdin” that features Virginia hitmaker Pharrell Williams.

The single manages to capture the clean falsetto that we love the N.E.R.D. producer for, while showcasing Ant’s monotoned delivery— on that buzzes at the right vibration to hypnotize the listener into an easy-next-world-like trance.

A page out of the Kanye book, this is offering is only one of the interesting tracks on his debut album Happy 2 Be Here.

Ant Clemons is not the only one happy to be here…

In only one month, the project has garnered over 10 million streams. A respectable statement for a newly released album that dropped right smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic.

Millions have found refuge in the music, turning from their local news station and the ridiculosity of the POTUS towards a fresh collection of music.

“Aladdin” offers the abracadabra to takes us away.

The music video has a flashback vibe, reminding you of the old-school Super Mario Bros. styled arcade game.

However, who are the two lead characters? Ant stars as the video games’ protagonist and Pharrell as his antagonist, fighting over a girl, who appears to be the ultimate prize.

Ultimately Ant outsmarts Pharrell, wins the girl and escapes with his woman.

Futuristic and funky, Ant (who comes off more like a rapper than a singer) stands tall in this jam and the video ushers him into our worlds… Get ready to add to those streams.