KeeZY Showcases Duality with “I Miss You” & “Still Got It”


Check out this new single by rising rapper KeeZY.

Los Angeles based artist KeeZY just dropped two new tracks simultaneously, “I Miss You” and “Still Got It.”

Best known for his versatile sound, both tracks are from KeeZY’s upcoming album that explores the range of his Hip-Hop, R&B, and pop influences. Having the ability to dabble across multiple genres while delivering masterful rhymes, smooth vocals, and relatable storytelling is what makes this rising artist stand out from the competition.

KeeZY states, “These two records are an exact representation of me and I believe showcase how diverse I am and hope to be. They are a preview into what’s to come. They were both recorded in Atlanta where a lot of the vibe comes from for both. I hope these records can be a staple and a pivotal piece of my early career recognition.”

In “I Miss You,” KeeZY was inspired by the explosive energy of Atlanta nightlife coupled with feelings of longing in a long distance relationship.

The svelte-smooth, romantically charged R&B dipped song is relatable as it is cathartic, and offers listeners a chance to see KeeZY’s softer side while resonating with the core of their emotions.

“Still Got It” is all about the hustle and grind on the way to the top. The track is filled with deep emotions, biting verses, and a tempo to fill the club. However, underneath it all is a song that showcases the artist’s perseverance and determination, which overflows into impactful words and masterful delivery.

KeeZY released both tracks together to bring together the duality of his experience as an artist. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, the artist now resides in Los Angeles and is the owner of Pulse Studios.

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