Key Glock Jumps “Off The Porch” In Brand New Video

Key Glock teams up with producer ChaseTheMoney for the brand new single “Off The Porch.”

Dropping banger after banger with no need for features, Key Glock specializes in hard-hitting punchlines and creative flexes. Joining forces with ChaseTheMoneyfor a bass-heavy new video single, Key Glock shares Off The Porch.” An ominous trap track with subsonic 808s and a synth that tolls like a funeral church bell, “Off The Porch” finds Glock keeping cool as he runs through choice details from his boss life: “I’m all out west smokin’ doobies like Snoop/Yuh, I’m playin’ with the blues, sh*t i should have went to Duke.” In the video, which reached #14 on YouTube‘s trending chart, Glock echoes the song’s opening line–he jettisons his ten speed bicycle in favor of a black-and-yellow Lambo as he raps into a vintage microphone and shares his blunt with his Homer Simpson chain.