King Lai (Lai Ram Ceu) Releases “The Plan” with KT6 and Blasty from RockoYBlasty

Lai Ram Ceu aka King Lai just released the music video for his first single of 2022 “The Plan ft KT6 ” The track is engineered by Blasty from RockoYBlasty and is available on all platforms as of June 3rd, 2022.

King Lai real name Lai Ram Ceu is an Asian-American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur based in East Moline, Illinois. His most recent accomplishment is being nominated “New Artist of the Year”  last December at the People Choice Award hosted by Chintube in Indianapolis, Indiana.

KT6 is short for Kabura The 6th is a rapper, songwriter, and friend of King Lai. He is from the rap group Euphoria Music.

Blasty is a Latino singer, songwriter, producer, and one of the members of the legendary duo Rocko Y Blasty. They are best known for their song “Besitos de Calores” which debuted at #10 on Billboard in the fall of 2016.

Together, they have created a song filled with catchy melodies, wordplays, and double entendre lyrics. The song is overall inspiring as it speaks of coming up and positive changes in life.

Watch the Music Video for “The Plan” Below

Short Bio for King Lai

Born July 18, 1998 in a small village in Chin State, Myanmar. King Lai moved to Chicago, IL in 2008 as a refugee to escape religious persecution and in pursuit of a better life. Shortly after, his family decided to relocate to the Illinois side of the Quad Cities due to the Chicago area’s high living expenses.

King Lai later attended United Township in East Moline, IL, and then Black Hawk College. However, after a few years at the college, King Lai dropped out and founded “Hlah Thun LLC” a real estate investment company. 2 Years later, King Lai now owns over 50 units of apartments, some of them next to the High School he attended. Due to these investments, King Lai had a lot more free time to pursue his ultimate passion which is music. 

King Lai wants to share his stories through his music in hopes he can inspire other people born in poverty or going through hard times. He wants everyone to know if he can go from village to privilege. Then anyone can.

Interview with King Lai

AllHipHop: Story behind “The Plan”  

I wrote “The Plan” when I was in the process of signing a 1.2 million dollar deal to buy some apartments next to the high school I attended. As someone who comes from the jungle, a small village in a 3rd world country, this was life-changing.

AllHipHop: What makes your music unique?

Besides the smooth melodies and various flows throughout the song, I would say the main thing that differentiates my music is that it is Authentic and true to my life. Every bar of it. 

AllHipHop: How do you balance my music with other obligations, like friends, families, or work?

I’m fortunate enough to no longer work a 9-5 job, so that gives me a lot of free time to mess around in the studio and I believe getting into music has gotten me closer with my friends and family .

AllHipHop: What advice would I give an aspiring musician

I would say be authentic and true to yourself. So no Cap Rap. And lastly work a lot on creating catchy melodies combined with good lyric

AllHipHop: What is the proudest moment in your music career?

I would say when I got nominated as “New Artist of the Year” in the very first year of doing music. It gave me a huge boost in confidence and let me know that I’m heading in the right direction

AllHipHop: If You had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

I would tell them I really appreciate all the support I am receiving on all the platforms, including the private DMs.

AllHipHop: What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?

I have a bunch more songs in the bag. And I plan on releasing a few more singles this year all with Music Videos. Can’t wait to get them out there.

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