KRS-One And Hakim Green Join Forces Again On “The Cypher”

Hakim Green and KRS-One

Hakim Green and comrade KRS-One release a dropped a new song called “The Cypher.”

Hakim Green, fresh off a successful Verzuz battle with comrade KRS-One, has dropped a new song called “The Cypher.” The song serves as a dual role, to teach and to warn. Hakim, who met KRS many moons ago, gives a rundown of an actual rap cypher. But, his Bronx brother serves the ubiquitous sucker MC and the top shelf greats alike. “The goat that steps to KRS is the goat that gets curried,” he spews. One would think perhaps it was directed to a certain rapper. Hakim holds his own and continues with fresh, insightful he’s known for. “The cypher’s so sacred, takes place on hallowed ground,” he says as he gives the rules and history.

In a statement, he reveals his true intention as well as the legendary producer behind the track.

“The MAD IZM Cypher is the place to be. The Cypher is where skills are exhibited and Hip Hop is proven. The mission is to get in THE CYPHER and wreck shop. Hakim is on a journey to catch up with The Teacha to show once and for all why The Mad IZM Cypher is where The Real Hip Hop is. Produced by legendary Hit Man producer Ron “Amen Ra” Lawrence, The Cypher brings us back to that BOOM BAP style of HIP HOP that is predicated on exposing the listener to obscure BREAK BEATS and heavy scratches. This will definitely be a DJ favorite.”