LAYA Covers Missy Elliott’s “Sock It 2 Me” With Perfection

Warner Records’ Laya is set for a big year in 2022

Recently Laya released the Amazon original cover of Missy Elliott’s#### “Sock It 2 Me” and there’s no question she nailed it. From her smooth sultry voice to her eclectic style serving different looks every time you see her, Laya is primed for a HUGE year. One of the reasons for her well-deserved attention is that Laya is a supremely talented visual editor who shot, directed, and edited the visuals.

We got hip to her music with 2020’s Sailor Moon and ever since then we have been tuned in to every release. Earlier this year she dropped the Fivio Foreign featured record “Brag” via Warner Records and the high school prom-themed music video was absolutely lit. Check out this official cover below: