Lottery Lee Ft. Lloyd- "Hey Lover"


Rapper Lottery Lee says the idea for his second single, “Hey Lover”, came about when he was at the water park and saw a beautiful woman wrap a towel around herself, which is where the first line of the hook, “hey lover, can I be your cover” came from. After hearing it, Young Noble from Tupac Outlawz suggested having R&B singer Lloyd on the hook. Lee stated, “Big ups to Lloyd for completing it in almost less than a day and to Young Noble for setting it up and making it happen.”

Take a listen to the track below.

AllHipHop caught up with Lottery Lee to talk about his career, songwriting, inspirations and more. Check out the interview below.

Your latest single also has a veteran R&B singer on the hook; it seems like someone likes R&B and is trying to bring back a feel good vibe. What was it like to work with Lloyd?

Young Noble from The Outlawz said what about Lloyd. I’ve always been a fan of Lloyd so I wanted to work with people I’m a fan of. Lloyd was one of those talented artists that could take whatever I gave him and put his own spin on it.

This record has a feel good vibe. What are some of your “feel good” classics from the past?

“Trade It All” by Jagged Edge and Fabolous. Whenever you here that record people always can relate; it can always be played. The Game Ft. Lloyd “Hello”. Justin Bieber Ft. Boyz II Men “Fa La La” I miss records like that. Records like that are timeless and have to come back. Right now it seems like the game is so one sided with the stuff it seems people have to talk about, but won’t make the record last…. like drugs and stuff.

With your passion for songwriting who all have you written for?

Mostly artists that I’m working around, but I would love to work with Lyfe Jennings and anyone. I want to write in all genres. If I can write in any genre I feel like I have more value. I’d say I’d like to work with Taylor Swift.

What’s missing from the Hip Hop and R&B genres currently?

Quality. Quality is not what’s in the game anymore. People feel like after the Soulja Boy era the door was opened for garbage to come in. I don’t think he was the cause, but I feel like it’s too easy to make a way in. People can put out anything, and certain artists are putting out music that lacks quality, but they are popular right now. I hope we can bring quality back.

We are getting a lot of complaints that everything in Hip Hop sounds just alike. How would you describe your sound? What separates you from others?

I want to try to bring back the old feel. I don’t want to fall in the lane of what people are doing now. If you don’t have a DJ Mustard or Mike Will beat “it’s not hot.” That actually shouldn’t be the case. I want to be able to take anyone’s beat or any rhythm and turn it into something. With my sound I hope to be able to flip any type of sound into a good record.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Boyz II Men
, Babyface, Johnta Austin. Pretty much anyone who I listened to. Like Tony! Tone! Toni. Anyone who was in their own lane. My favorite rapper is Jadakiss, Fabolous is another one and Cassidy. The east coast comes with a lot of lyrically talented cats. West Coast Pac and E-40 are respected by everyone.

What’s your favorite era of music?

Right before it came to this era. Right before the turn up music. However I’m looking forward to what Atlanta brings. Atlanta every summer comes out with a classic summer record. Y.C. Cash Out, Migos, Rich Homie Quan. I like that Atlanta can always give you something that can go with every year.

What’s next for Lottery Lee?

Pretty much just trying to get more records with people I’m a fan of. I’m trying to work with as many artists as I can and put out as much music as I can.