Macklemore Addresses Black Lives Matter, Cultural Appropriation & White Supremacy On “White Privilege II” (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) Seattle native Macklemore has faced backlash from some Hip Hop fans arguing the white rapper has appropriated black culture for his own personal gain. Even with that critique hanging over him, Macklemore has still spoken out against systemic racism and acknowledged having advantages in life because of his race.

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His 2005 album The Language of My World contained a song titled “White Privilege” where Macklemore rapped about the differences between the way he is treated as a Caucasian versus the treatment of African-Americans.

Mack and his musical partner Ryan Lewis have revisited that same theme on “White Privilege II.” The new single specifically addresses the Black Lives Matter movement, claims of cultural appropriation by himself, Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea, and the impact of white supremacy on American society.

Macklemore wrote on his website:

This song is the outcome of an ongoing dialogue with musicians, activists, and teachers within our community in Seattle and beyond. Their work and engagement was essential to the creative process.

As a company (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis LLC), we are committed to a long-term investment of our time, resources, finances and creative capacities towards supporting black-led organizing and anti-racist education & discourse.

In dialogue with our community partners and advisers, we will continue to find ways in which we can leverage our platform and network towards strengthening the work of organizers and initiatives framed by genuine racial and social equity. We recognize that there are no easy answers, any one piece of legislation, or quick fix to undo institutional racism in our country. We wish to support direct organizing and be led by the expertise and experience of those on the front lines as we proceed.

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Listen to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “White Privilege II” featuring Jamila Woods below.