MadGalKris To Release New Single “Big Booty” Ft. KaylaB

MadGalKris has some heat on the way!

Springfield, MA-born Atlanta-residing MadGalKris aka Kris Summers has teamed up with her best friend, Atlanta artist KaylaB to release her new single “Big Booty.” The single is her follow up release to her debut single “Verified.”

MadGalKris, got her start in the industry while working in the club for two years, and there she was offered a music video guest appearance job.

From there, Kris was asked to model for popular clothing brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova. 

Her uniqueness on instagram went viral. and she soon became an influencer that a lot of the younger crowd look up to. 

Kris, launched her own waist shaping company 16th Vanity, which allowed her to make over 8 figures. This success made the popular artist and influencer become an entrepreneur and her own boss at the same time.

“Big Booty” drops November 26, 2021!