Marcus Rodriguez- “Postman”

Marcus Rodriguez is is unapologetically solidifying his spot!

18-year heartthrob Marcus Rodriguez is a singer, songwriter, and dancer who hails from Conneticut with a vision and an ambition to be something that the world has yet to see or ever experience. Rodriguez also draws inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson, Prince, and mega postar Justin Bieber.
 “I realized from an early age the power of music and performance, and that being said, I fell in love with the art of entertaining. I’ve always believed in shooting for the stars and have always dreamed of being a leading culture creator for Gen Z. I wanna inspire people all over the world to tap into their magic and let their creativity go wild, navigate hem, and heal them with the reassurance that they are not alone in this life experience,” said Rodriguez.




Marcus is an American teenager who is navigating his way through the most influential chapters of his teenage life and finding serenity in being an inarguably electrifying performer on the stage, and has wowed audiences performing on NBC’s The Voice.

Marcus has truly found his calling, and his purpose, which is to inspire and uplift the world courtesy of his innate vocal and dancing talents. On his new single and video “Postman”, the young Connecticut native has a special delivery that the girls are sure to go crazy over and it is something that the fellas will respect and want to emulate.

Marcus is destined for greatness and on “Postman” he proves that he has what it takes to be ranked amongst the greatest, and he is unapologetically solidifying his spot.