Master P & Money Mafia “Hustlin” Album/Mixtape Download

Master P & Money Mafia "Hustlin" Album/Mixtape Download

Master P has not stopped his hustle since being known as the Ice Cream Man. Now the General of The Tank, No Limit Forever Records, P has his soldiers ready to for the industry with his latest project “Hustlin.”

[Download Master P & Money Mafia “Hustlin” Mixtape]

Money Mafia members consist of the fiery hot Ace B.  Another stand out is the youngest of the crew from Pittsburgh, Young Junne.  Of course, with OG’s like the President of No Limit Forever, Maserati Rome, and the likes of Gangsta, Playbeezy, Callipoe Popeye and Flight Boy, that street sounds will alway be the back bone of the Money Mafia sound.

Now on 4/20/2015 Master P and Money Mafia drop their new project ‘Hustlin’ free for the streets.

Tracklist and Cover – Download “Hustlin” HERE



 Master P & Money Mafia “HUSTLIN” (Official Trailer)

Master P & Money Mafia “Yeah Actin’ Bad” single

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