Meet Bigga$tate: The Freestyle Musician That Refuses to Lose

Bigga$tate has transformed himself from a homeless teen to a famous rap artist today because of his resilience and hard work.

The music industry has been growing rapidly in recent advances in technology. Many artists have been able to successfully showcase their talent via various social media platforms. Along with having the chance to put themselves out there, they get support and confidence from their fans. However, the effort that’s required to bring a musical career to life is immense indeed. 

A hard-working, dedicated, and unique artist is Jonathan Henderson who is known as Bigga$tate. Going through major setbacks and struggles since childhood made him stronger as a person and an artist too. Jonathan has the ability to understand the value of the success he has been able to attain throughout these years.

Bigga$tate’s music is listed as #34 on iTunes Charts independently which is a great accomplishment. In addition, he has been offered more than $30 million in record deals. All of this took place amidst the pandemic. It might seem flashy from the outside but Jonathan truly knows what it took to find fame and success. 

Jonathan lived on the streets of Chicago for most of his growing-up years. He takes pride in the music he has been producing. Establishing himself as a lyricist and a freestyle artist was a dream come true for Bigga$tate. It has been a struggle but he continued in his independent music career and in a relatively short time he has made great strides and has found space for himself in the industry. 

A notable achievement in his music industry includes becoming Fornite’ first freestyle artist. Bigga$tate is also a philanthropist. He has been able to donate more than $100k to charities as well using sponsored apps. Another accomplishment was signing a deal with Empire and Sony. 

Bigga$tate’s journey is an inspiration for many upcoming artists around the globe. Starting as someone who was abandoned in his childhood was tough but today he has been able to find success with his music. Dedicated and passionate individuals like Bigga$tate are supported and loved by their fans for the music they create and the kind of people they are.

Performing in a sold-out International concert in Cancun, Mexico was another major highlight of his career. Moreover, Bigga$tate has performed at over three hundred shows in which he also shared the stage with many major artists of the music industry. 

Bigga$tate has transformed himself from a homeless teen to a famous rap artist today because of his resilience and hard work. The ability to keep going despite tough times had led Jonathan to where he is today. Many major brands have become his sponsors and the music he has produced has gained millions of streams.

One of his performances will soon be aired as a part of Netflix’s music event on the WorldStar Hip Hop Stage. Bigga$tate has been able to change his life completely just by his talent and sheer persistence. Artists like him are an inspiration for many young rap enthusiasts around the globe.