Meet GerkOne:-The Future Face of Canada’s Hip-hop Scene

Gerkone’s entry into the music industry was passion-driven, and that’s why it was never hard for him to make a comeback.

GerkOne is one of the finest hip-hop talents to emerge from Canada. He is a phenomenal, raw talent that is taking the industry by storm. GerkOne has several years of experience in the hip-hop scene. He joined the music industry back in 2007 and was doing exemplary well making him be ranked as a promising future star in the industry. 

Gerkone’s entry into the music industry was passion-driven, and that’s why it was never hard for him to make a comeback. He was fascinated by the hip-hop sound at a young age and loved everything about the genre. GerkOne constantly emerged victorious during the hood freestyle and rap battles. His peers could not match his skills but instead admired and watched the talent in the making.

Though he discovered his musical talent at a very young age, GerkOne was never in a hurry to start recording. It took him until when he was in high school to hit the studio. His musical career officially started in 2007 after getting signed with Fatal Division, previously known as Fatality records.

Working under the record gave him his first real experience of the industry. Though a competitive career, GerkOne was equal to the task. He was more than passionate, full of a burning desire to make a mark in the music scene. about making his mark in the music scene. Collaborating with other local artists opened his eyes to the industry, giving him a better understanding of how things work. Jumping on stage and giving fans an electrifying performance stood out as his best experience and it still remains his best moment about being an artist.  By the time he took a break from music, GerkOne was ranked among the best independent hip-hop artists in Canada. He was on the same chart with the likes of Drake and other prominent names in the industry.

Within two years, GerkOne was already among the top ten best independent hip-hop artists in Canada. However, he was compelled to take a break from music due to personal reasons. 

Ten years later, GerkOne has made a musical comeback, and he is proving to be better than before. He possesses great, unmatched music-making skills, with captivating lyrics and a more advanced approach than he had before. 

Throughout the years, GerkOne has been honing his skills as his music sounds even better. His recent releases, such as “Over Ice’’ depict is a classic example of how he has grown musically. The song is a well-crafted masterpiece touching on all aspects of the modern hip-hop scene. The music video visuals are fascinating and perfectly blend the audio thrilling many of the viewers. 

A fully dedicated rapper, GerkOne is tirelessly working hard to break through the mainstream. He has released eight tracks available on his YouTube, – among them “Over Ice’‘’- and “No Limit” GerkOne keeps his fanbase entertained with the thrilling tracks. The release of ‘No Limit‘ hit the industry by storm, catching some of his loyal fans by surprise. The track is unique and brings along a new, irresistible vibe. The West Coast legend, The Game is among the people thrilled by the track, giving it a place on his mixtape “Who Got Game”

Better than ever, GerkOne is highly motivated to quench his fan’s thirst for good music. He has turned the studio his second home, promising to release more gems in the near future. 

Solidifying his place in the hip-hop world remains his top priority, and it’s only a matter of time before he makes it to the international stage.