Meet Massachusetts Artist Jonny Chidi

The collaborative work that Jonny has done to start the year is incredible.

Jonny Chidi has had an impressive start to 2022. His debut album “Chidi Bang Bang” just dropped, and he just released a major single titled “IDGAF” featuring Miami artist Yung Simmie. Chidi’s vocals are very catchy throughout his entire catalogue and the production is an intriguing combination of trap and alternative. Brix Royale and Reggie1 handle the majority of Jonny’s production on the tracks that he has released so far this year.

“Ice” was Jonny’s first release of the year when it dropped back in February featuring Atlanta artist Kevin Kazi. Kazi’s vocals on the track go tremendously well with Chidi’s smooth upbeat chorus. The collaborative work that Jonny has done with these two artists to start the year is incredible. We are expecting big things from Jonny Chidi the rest of 2022 and even well beyond that.

Jonny has a very promising future in the music scene. He has a good following on Instagram and Twitter. His YouTube channel , Spotify and SoundCloud all have great followings. It’s been a pleasure covering Jonny, make sure to check out his socials and stream his music below.