Meet Sven Andrew: The Face of an Independent Artist in 2021

Sven Andrew, a young music artist, and composer have managed to become distinguished in this extremely saturated space for his distinct talent.

The music industry has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. Every day we see a new trend, composition, and voice that is going viral. Sadly, not all these trends survive the test of time. It takes something unique and exclusive to make a place for yourself in this ever-changing industry that thrives on trends. Sven Andrew, a young music artist, and composer have managed to become distinguished in this extremely saturated space for his distinct talent. Sven belongs to the new-age artists who dare to defy traditions and create something new.

Sven has been passionate about music from a very young age. He loved listening to music from all genres, which is reflected in his electrifying cross-genre tunes. Sven is a master of genres who carefully yet deftly leaps from one to another in his compositions. He is known for blending electronic rock with indie-pop in most of his songs. Sven never sticks to standards; instead, he loves to create his own trends in the music industry. His approach towards music is intuitive and non-conformist.

Another unique aspect of Sven’s music is his searing lyrics. He doesn’t limit his talent to creating soul-soothing music only; he wants to become an artist with a purpose. Almost all of Sven’s songs talk about the social injustices that are prevalent in the world today. Every song is a blazing question to humanity about its ignorance towards these injustices spreading negativity around the world. He never shies away from expressing his heart in his songs. For him, every song is an opportunity to send a meaningful message to the world.

Sven creates music about real-world problems. This is reflected in his recent releases launched during the pandemic. The songs were written when the release party of his album was canceled due to the pandemic-related lock-down. The situation also led to the cancellation of several shows that Sven would have been part of. It eventually led the artist to a tough phase in his life where he could not connect with his fans live. The artist in Sven was suffocating but never lost hope. He took it as an inspiration to pen down the lyrics of “Can’t-Wait Till This Is All Over.” and “Hope” He even shot the videos in his home studio, giving his fans a sneak-peek into his daily life during the pandemic.

Besides being a pragmatic music artist, Sven is also independent about his creativity. This multi-talented young artist manages the entire production of all his songs and albums single-handedly. From lyrics to composition and even video editing, marketing, bookings, everything is done by him.

His music video “I’m Not Alright” was nominated at the Berlin Music Video Awards and earned more than 150K views on YouTube. His other songs have also garnered positive attention from audiences, with views soaring to 50K on YouTube or 200 – 500K on Instagram and Facebook. Sven was also part of a promo tour through Indonesia.

Sven Andrew is busy creating more fresh and unique music for his fans on various digital platforms, but his love for live performance is undying. He is waiting impatiently for the situation to be normal again to conduct more life-changing tours, reveling and cheering with real audiences.