Money Mafia Ft. TEC, Maine Musik, Ace B and Master P – “Lately”

Money Mafia hot new Single “Lately”

“Lately” the new hit single from Money Mafia with the murder rate at an all time high and so many young people losing their lives to senseless crimes from Louisiana to Louisville to the world, the pain has been endless. Master P and his young soldiers have teamed up to create a heart felt classic “Lately” which is blowing up at radio and the streets. Some say street music has gotten away from the struggle and the pain and gone to the glitter and the shine but Money Mafia’s TEC, Maine Musik, Ace B and Master P bring it right back to the block with real struggle, pain and reality.

The lyrics from the hook on”Lately” have many folks that have lost loved, able to relate to in a new found way.

A lot of thought has been on my mind lately, eyes heavy, I’ve been crying lately…

As BlacknMild the musical genius add soul to the track with Money Mafia lyrics makes “Lately” another classic from the world’s most dangerous label No Limit Forever Records.


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