Music Producer Danny Hajj Is Building the Future of the Industry with Fresh Talent

Danny Hajj is looking forward to becoming a brand in the production and marketing space in the music industry.

The music industry has evolved through a sea of change over the last decade. From production to music and even style, everything has been redefined by contemporary musicians who are storming the industry, giving a whole new dimension to traditional genres. Music producer Danny Hajj noticed this change during the early phase of his career and wanted to be a significant contributor to this welcoming industry. This eventually turned him into a manager, marketing for fresh music talent and helping them build a solid career in the industry from scratch.

Danny entered the music scene soon after he graduated and moved to Atlanta. At 22, Danny was already a music producer with the renowned, multi-platinum Grammy-nominated group Audio Cartel. Being a newbie in the industry with no mentor, it was initially quite challenging for Danny to find his footing, but he achieved it through hard work and a relentless thirst for learning new things. Throughout his career, Danny has been an avid learner and hasn’t stopped yet.

After a few years into production, Danny wanted to explore more possibilities in the music industry that are evolving in the digital era. He developed a business to assist musicians to scale up their careers from the ground level. Besides working as a music producer, Danny became a manager and media marketer for budding talent, helping them roll out smashing hits. He has guided prominent artists like 2kBaby and Fase Yoda to stardom. 2kBaby, known for his breakout song “Old Streets,” is currently signed to Warner Records. Fase Yoda is working with some of the top music labels like Young Thug’s Young Stoner Life Records and 300 Entertainment.

Danny has always valued original talent over brands. This is why he chose to help budding artists rather than being a manager to a popular musician. While the latter could have brought him immediate recognition and financial success, Danny’s present career gives him the sense of fulfillment that he has always craved for. He also wants fresh talent to have a smooth entry into the music scene by being their mentor. Today, Danny is the coach and manager he wanted during the initial phase of his career.

With the knowledge he has earned over the years working in the industry, Danny is paving the way for others to enter it. Danny feels that fresh talents have a new perspective on music that is needed to create something unique. As more and more contemporary artists are becoming experimental, Danny feels that genres are blending to emerge as a new trend in music. He wants to work with more aspiring artists who are truly passion-driven.

To take his mission to help budding talents rise beyond barriers, Danny has also started a non-profit organization Positive Visions, with Fase Yoda as his partner. The organization is funding higher education for underprivileged youth who have a strong goal and want to accomplish something in life.

Danny Hajj is looking forward to becoming a brand in the production and marketing space in the music industry. He wants to continue his journey of introducing more promising talent to the industry, fading barriers and boundaries between genres on their way.