N.O.’s Releases Sizzling New Song “Scumbag” From New EP “A Goodfellas Cadence”


N.O. releases his new song “Scumbag” from his EP “A Goodfellas Cadence” featuring energetic tracks crafted with producer Lino3X.

Delaware is again on the map in the music world as N.O., the spirited and innovative Hip-Hop recording artist, takes center stage with unveiling his highly anticipated sophomore EP, “A Goodfellas Cadence.” 

Fans are ready to bask in the immersive auditory journey released by Judgemental Records, which has carved a niche of bringing mesmerizing rhythms and deep-rooted lyrics back to Hip-Hop’s forefront.

The EP’s lead single, “Scumbag,” is a hard-hitting anthem, echoing the end of summer with a pulsating energy that resonates with both bass enthusiasts and club-goers alike. Crafted meticulously by the adept producer Lino3X, the single portrays the seamless connection between the pair, showcasing a vibrant blend of fresh sounds and lyrical depth.

The journey of N.O., also hailed as the “nLightenedOne,” is marked with perseverance and an undying passion for music. Having initially embarked on his musical venture with the group J-Squad, he has steadily carved out a niche for himself in his hometown and across the Tri-State area. 

His contributions to J-Squad’s debut mixtape “Welcome 2 Hellaware” and multiple features on DJ Cosmik Kev’s “The Come Up Show” bear testimony to his evolving artistry and relentless pursuit of creating an independent lane in the music industry.

As N.O. gears up to mesmerize audiences with his fresh beats and potent lyrics, the music scene is abuzz with anticipation. The artist’s collaboration with Lino3X and the video under the deft direction of Mscenefilms promises an immersive musical experience, ushering in a new era of Hip-Hop with a cadence reminiscent of the iconic film “Goodfellas.” 

As October approaches, music enthusiasts have another treat to look forward to – the release of “Gk X The Beat Bully Black Mobb Halloween 23.” 

The journey of N.O., the self-proclaimed “Apollo Nox,” is unfolding, promising a vibrant tapestry of sounds that echo the heart of Delaware and beyond, heralding a golden era for lyrical aficionados.