N.O. United! New Orleans Rap Collective RSN Releases “Hatin’ On Me” Visual


With all of the violence taking place in New Orleans, it’s refreshing to see that a group of artists from different parts of the city have joined forces to unite behind the common cause of music!

RSN wants to follow in the footsteps of No Limit Records and Cash Money Records when it comes to introducing the world to the talent that is in their city. They certainly plan to put N.O’s contemporary rap scene on the map.

The artists came together by joining forces at a number of cyphers. One in 2011 and another in 2013. The cyphers proved that the artists meshed well together, and that coming from various backgrounds and neighborhoods was actually an advantage.

In October 2013, a second cypher came together, inspiring CD (who coordinated the cypher) to start a music group.

In the months following, CD, Dinero, and others joined forces. They brought in artists from all over and debuted the first RSN mixtape. The album includes contributions from Dinero, Flow, LG, Lil One, Bonka, Taliban Bundy, Tre-G, Calliope Var, Iris P, and sound by B. Holmes, FlightSchool, Phil Mic, Aj Beatz, and SkinnerTracks[b].

RSN, which stands for “Real Street N-ggas” released their second mixtape in September, ‘RSN2’, and are now sharing their latest video “Hatin On Me” featuring Dinero, LOG and G. Lil One. Check it out and be sure to look up all the other RSN artists.