People’s Choice Presents Hottest Artists to Watch of 2021

2021 is here and with a new year comes new music! Below is a list of some of the most talented and deserving artists in the music industry compiled by prominent entertainment companies and music professionals. All of these artists deserve recognition for their talent and dedication to providing their fans with high quality music, […]

2021 is here and with a new year comes new music! Below is a list of some of the most talented and deserving artists in the music industry compiled by prominent entertainment companies and music professionals. All of these artists deserve recognition for their talent and dedication to providing their fans with high quality music, despite the difficult circumstances of the global pandemic. These artists have shown they are here to stay. In alphabetical order, introduced are rising artists to get familiar with in 2021.


The first song on his EP, “Gone,” is a fun party anthem with a unique beat that makes you want to move around and bop your head. The rapper said in a recent interview that the project is about the underground party scene that has sprung up during the COVID-19 pandemic and how 199X used that momentum to create his new EP, heard in how carefree the tracks are. IG: @199xmusic

2k Ponce Juno

Rising artist 2k Ponce Juno just released a hot new single titled “Go Pretty Girl” This is a positive feel good vibe which is danceable and infectious that highlights beautiful women everywhere. Make sure you go stream “Go Pretty Girl” now. IG: @2kponcejuno

AJ Cold

Making a promising comeback, AJ Cold enters the year with new, revamped music. This Chicago native represents his background and roots proudly, attracting and bringing communities together. Speaking on his goal for the year, he states, “I want to bring some real lyrics and substance back into rap, because I feel like that’s what the game is missing when it comes to the mainstream sound pushing its agenda where everyone is sounding the same.” IG: @AJColdOfficial


Entering the new year rebranded and renewed, Annamation is a female artist with a trap-soul sound to her. Vocals speak for themselves. This month, she dropped her newest hit “Solo” and plans on releasing several new projects early this year as well. The singer has it all: the image, the drive, and the talent. IG: @ annamation

Ballistic Man

James Anthony Melendez, known professionally as Balistic Man, is an American hip hop artist from Buffalo, NY. After serving time in federal prison for drug related crimes he decided to turn his life around & focus on his passion for music. His versatile sound captures all vibes. This year is promising for the NY artist, as he has plenty of upcoming projects and major news. IG: @balisticmanmusic1


In this new year of 2021 BlackDove has started out the gate running dropping a brand new single featuring Fat Joe tilted “Prodigy” along with his hit single “Walk My Way” trending across the globe. BlackDove has been featured on Thisis50 for the 2021 artists to watch list and has been selected for the People’s Choice in The Source Magazine Rising Stars Of 2021. BlackDove has also worked with Amber Rose on her latest project Tilted “The Line Up” in which BlackDove premiered his new up and coming single tilted “Get Loose” which took the world by storm. BlackDove is trending across the world be on the look for BlackDove all 2021 he’s applying major pressure in the hip hop and afro beat world of music. IG: @BlackDoveBrand

Blu3 Ch3w

Blu3ch3w is back with a hot new single titled “Dat Boy Dripping” Check out this dope hip-hop song which has an uptempo bass energetic vibe to it…It’s about that average kid from the ghetto that makes his first couple of thousands and spends it on his clothes and is ready for any type of action from anybody. IG: @blu3ch3w

Cadillac Muzik

Cadillac Muzik is an independent Pop/Funk/Hip Hop billboard charting band that started in 2010 out of San Antonio, TX. They’ve been mentioned on “The Source” magazine for their previous project “Staying Alive”, and recently hit several radio charts with their single “Gamble love”. Cadillac Muzik continues to surprise us by keeping the momentum going with their 6th independently released EP titled “Fleetwood Blues.” The band teamed up with the talented multi-platinum producer & multi-instrumentalist Moonshyne Brown from Miami, Florida.

“Fleetwood Blues” can best be described as a mixture of Southern Hip Hop, Funk, Psychedelic Soul, and Rhythm & Blues with a modern-day twist. The EP is inspired by Johnny Guitar Watson, Willie Hutch, Isaac Hayes, and Curtis Mayfield. This project literally sounds as if Outkast, UGK, & Eightball & MJG had a hybrid child together. Caddy Muzik’s smooth vocals & southern soulful style paired with Brown’s stellar production has provided a real treat for the fans. IG: @CadillacMuzik


In “Chosen”, Carlito talks about something everyone can relate to: finding their purpose. In Carlito’s case, he feels like he’s “Chosen” and has a God-given gift to rap and inspire. The track is hosted by rap-legend Fat Joe, whom Carlito also was given an opportunity to have a quick interview/performance with Joe on his Instagram Live, where Fat Joe praised Carlito and other upcoming rappers from Chicago. IG: @carlitorapsnbjr


D. Denzel is a name you want to get familiar with! The Brooklyn based artist grew up in Toronto. Moving a lot influenced the complexity and diversity of D.Denzel’s music, which is reflected in the artist’s lyrics. Reggae, soca, and dancehall also influence his music in a rendition he calls Jngl music, which brings caribbean elements as well as the hip hop rawness. D. Denzel is a freestyle artist, writer, actor, and leader in the community with a message teaching the youth to lead your own way. Check out his hot new single “Let Me See You Get Low” now! IG: @d.denzel38

D Kirk (KV)

In his most recent hit, “Understanding,” D Kirk KV mentioned that this single touches on a trustworthy relationship with the opposite gender, either romantically or platonically, and finding someone who shares a similar vision. IG: @Dkirk_kv


Canadian rapper D’NME lives up to the title of “phenomenal lyricist” with his track “Untouchable”. D’NME has never been shy about calling himself “The greatest rapper”, but on “Untouchable” he takes that proclamation to a whole other level. Backed by an old school rap beat, D’NME is in rare form, spitting braggadocios bars, and flowing flawlessly to the dark synths and hard hitting drums of Atlanta producer Jon Bonus. In one scorching rap verse, D’NME shows us why he’s one of the illest lyricists in the game today.

IG: @DnmeOfficial


Fingatipx is an emerging artist based in Tampa, Florida. A creative by nature with a degree in graphic design. Influenced by music from a very young age, Fingatipx has been making music for many years with a main passion for writing songs and making beats. Representing East Hollywood in Broward County, growing up as a kid into adulthood he was exposed to the best of both worlds, making Miami a second home to him. Fingatipx recently released his first single “Meet Me”, a contemporary classic tune with a catchy melody, exceptional production, and execution. The artist has a very consuming and dynamic voice applying pressure as a singer and rapper. In addition, Fingatipx is bilingual, making him a triple threat in this industry! He is soon to introduce his diversity on his next single “M.I.A” , a sexy latin urban club banger scheduled to be released Friday April 2nd. Progressively breaking barriers as a new artist, staying authentic displaying his creative abilities, and wordplay on the mic. IG: @fingatipx

G Thugg

G Thugg intrigues listeners with a tale of his rise to fortune. Check out his hot new record that has the streets buzzing titled “Without Benjamins” ft. Bigga Rankin now!

IG: @gthugg561


Global Hustle Entertainment Inc.

Global Hustle Entertainment Inc. is a record label and worldwide entertainment enterprise based in the Compton/Long Beach area of Southern California. Founded by Lexx, Bigg Dogg, and James “Lil Chip” Wilson R.I.P. The label is known for giving local independent artists the resources they need to become major players in the music industry. Specializing in the hottest trends in hip hop, pop, EDM, and R&B, Global Hustle is a community based label with a stellar roster of some of the most promising talents in music today. From the top down, Global Hustle follows one rule: “If You Want To Go Global, You Got To Hustle.” That attitude has built their label from the ground up, and now they are well on their way to building an empire. IG: @GlobalHustleLA


This year is one of growth and prosperity for the Texas-based Christian artist. With surprises on the way, Harmini is currently in the spotlight in his category. He has gained his fame from his master singing and rapping skills, acting, and impact in the entertainment industry. Releasing a new single each month, his impact is becoming a global movement. IG: @harmini731

Hitta Slim

Sick Wid it Records artist Hitta Slim is taking the world by storm with his new song titled “Jackhammer” which also includes a very distinct dance. This song and dance has captured every race and every age group around the country. This song contains positive/ motivational vibes along with a celebratory dance. We have seen everyone from your average citizen to platinum recording artist doing the Jackhammer. In the words of Hitta Slim, he is proud of you all. Hit the Jackhammer and stream this record immediately. IG: @hittaslim1


Some people are born to embody music. They take it to new heights while being creative in other aspects of the industry as well. iamYP is a direct result of an artist who embodies his talents and works hard to achieve his success. Based in Michigan, the versatile and dynamic artist embodies a universal sound, and his fans agree. This year, the talent plans on bringing many achievements and projects to the stage. IG: @iamypmusic

Idi Blanca

Idi is Puerto Rican and Dominican with a 42 Dugg sound that the music industry is missing. She’s currently working on her EP titled “Locked In” and it will soon be available on your favorite music-streaming platform. Check out her new single “On Tha Flo” which is catchy, upbeat, and savage. IG: @idiblanca


J.A.F. is back with more heat! The rising artist just dropped a new single titled “Luv”. This song was made to be a song that appreciates women in a relationship, within a passive aggressive way. J.A.F. is trying to explain to “her” that love is the only way to communicate to her and that she’s special in more ways than one. Check out this hot new joint now! IG: @j.a.f_official

Joey CrakkWit2kks

Young, vocal and lyrically astounding. Jahaunne “All$um Joey/Joey CrakkWit2KKs” Smith is an aspiring artist from Norristown, Pa. An artist in all aspects who uses his strong vocality and vernacular to spread his message of love and gratitude for his culture and people. His debut project “Crakkademic Era Vol.3; Crakktivation, Crakk The Code”, is a clear indicator that Joey is here to mark his spot , not just in the music industry but also in the world as an inspiring entrepreneur of his brand/label “All$um”. If this All$um artist isn’t in your archives he will soon be topping the charts. Tap in with his newest release “La Familia”. IG: @_AllsumJoey

Josh Scottt

New number who this? Haven’t we all at some point said this or felt like this well josh scott has put this term into words over some smooth yet uptempo summer pop sounds mixed wit some 808s makes this song different and refreshing josh describes how everything is new and refreshing around him putting it in simplest terms who this his lyrics go on to describe the past and where he believes he’s headed as a person in this music thing. IG: @iamjoshscottt


You’d think being a musician in 2020 would be easy with all the technology artists have access to. Truth of the matter is it’s more difficult now than ever before. Being an artist takes sacrifice, commitment, and hard work. Urban music more specifically hip hop is a genre of art that reflects a particularly real life struggle for a large group of people. Now add to the fact that you’re from an area not particularly known for contributing to the hip hop culture, and it makes life that more difficult. This is what Kadiz aka “The Heart of the City” brings to the table. Check out his new release “Different” now! IG: @TheRealKadiz

King Jester

King Jester, who is also the son of rap legend Busta Rhymes, and owner of his own clothing line Creatures Apparel, just dropped a hot new single titled “No Smoke”. No Smoke came about from an unplanned twin pregnancy that happened during a “Friends With Benefits” situation. The artist wanted to make a song about positive co parenting and how easy it is to selfishly lose sight over what’s most important…the children. IG: @KingJester157


60Shot, Skun, DatKiddKrillz, and PoloFrm203 link up to bring you a hot new joint for the streets titled “Sturdy Players”. Make sure you check out this dope song now and keep an eye on these artists who are taking over the rap game! IG: @DatKidd_Krillz

Lxs Trevino

Making his debut as a music artist this year, LXS Trevino is a rap/hip hop artist that is creating a new avenue in the new wave rap scene. Sifting through his music leaves fans wondering how one individual can pull off any genre and make it look easy. With a promising start, LXS Trevino will turn heads and enter the rap scene with advantages: his lyrical skill and dedication. IG: @lxstrevino

Mista Epik

Rising artist Mista Epik is back with a hot new joint titled “Wasting My Time”. The song is about the grind of the music business and juggling a relationship when you’re chasing your dreams. Mista Epik reflects on how not everyone will support your dreams or stick it out when you’re out on the road to be heard and provide for your loved ones. Check out this dope track now! IG: @MistaEpik


Newby is back with a hot new single titled “Take Out”. This song is about the fast relationships that are happening constantly. It’s so quick, you can’t even sit down and talk. You just get it to go. it’s more of a jaded vibe, where the share his internal and external thoughts on dating and past experiences relating to the theme. IG: @N3w6y


The Egyptian-American R&B/Pop star makes her debut this year. Although based in Chicago, her sound as an artist is universal. Currently rising on TikTok, her fanbase is rising as rapidly as her growth as an emerging artist. Her debut single “Like You Mean It” had promising results, broadcasting on the radio and getting recognized by mainstream R&B sensations. IG: @norhanos_

Payroll Santana

PayRoll Santana is a Chicago based musical genius specializing in trap music. It all started after Trap Rapper PayRoll Santana was released from Prison in 2009 where he found his gift of music. PayRoll Santana’s latest single, Trap4aknot, has landed on Fat Joe’s newly released mixtape titled Connected Vol 2. The one thing that stood out that the world should know about PayRoll Santana is that he makes music based off of life experiences. Everybody has their own story and he tells his through his music. Look out for his new album “Trapbak” dropping soon! IG: @PayrollSantana

Professor Ripface

Professor Ripface is a rising Toronto based artist with a significant meaning behind his name and music. “Professor” portrays the side of Yohannes that enjoys learning, reading, and mastering new skills. “Ripface” represents his street side which is raw, uncensored and unapologetic. Professor Ripface just released his debut single “Money Right” followed by his first EP “Energia.” Make sure you get familiar with his name because he’s here to stay! IG: @ProfessorRipface

Relo Hodari

Rising artist Relo Hodari is back with a hot new single titled “Lud Bihh” ft. Ant Bomb. Make sure you check out this dope joint now! 2021 is the year of the great GMB Ent. G.G.O.T “We All We Got” GMB Da Mobb Gotta Get On Top. “Lud Bihh” is the anthem for everyone getting money! IG: @ReloHodari1120



Straight out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina Rise Da Project Kid has shown that he has what it takes and is here to stay. Don’t mistake his stage name with his ability as “Da Project Kid” isn’t very new to the game; having signed his first deal at only 17 with Elektra Records, success has been imminent from the very beginning. Now a part of the Stack Dollars Empire family that is formulated by some of North Carolina’s most talented and best upcoming artists, it’s only a matter of time until Rise is recognized globally. Check out “Do It How You Wanna” now! IG: @Rise_DPK_


Sun Down Charlie

Sun Down Charlie is back with something “Special.” The Lago’s native “Becca” and source’s rising artist to watch “Mista Epik ” collab is sure to set yawl post covid spring breakers off and keep the clubs lit all summer. “Special” is the first single from Sun Down Charlie’s forthcoming “The Black Card” project and offers fans the sexiest vibes. Enjoy “Special” and get ready for “The Black Card” fam. Sun Down is about to make the summer go crazy!!! IG: @SundownCharlieMusic



C’est la vie is a R&B track that focuses on an intimate relationship that is based on lust and not love. That relationship falls apart however when one side tries forcing their love on the other only to push them farther away. Check out this hot new joint now! IG: @TheRealSlham



Originally from Chicago, $Lim is an independent artist based in Detroit that is popularly known for changing the atmosphere when he walks in. He is entertainment. The multi-talented and skilled individual possesses a one of a kind personality and image. The chances of finding another him is, well, slim. IG: @slimwiththepackk


Tae Envy

Hailing from Detroit’s west side, this Hip Hop/R&B artist has much in store this year. From his new single “Take it Off” and upcoming debut EP Champagne Nights in Congo. When the rising star was asked about a goal for the year, he stated, “Becoming what is destined while still being true to me.” IG: @taeenvy



Tevo is a young og from Pensacola, fl on the rise. He just dropped a hot new joint titled “Slum Anthem”. Tevo is about to start the biggest Pensacola movement of all time. The rising artist remains humble through his journey of success while always giving thanks to everyone for the love and support, including his right hand goat otm Mat_robarts. Tune in! IG: @otmtevo4


Tez The Don

This Inkster, Michigan-based rapper is just 25, but already has years of practice under his belt. He’s been recording himself since he was 13, and started putting rhymes together well before that. His latest album ‘Mixtape of the Year’, released this past Christmas, consists of 12 back to back hits. Featured on major media outlets, Tez the Don is catching the eyes and ears of new audiences. IG: @tezthedon



TreeBoogy returns with a hot new single titled “Call It How I See It”. His new single exposes the inner struggles of people in the streets. Many people make choices based on their own insecurities. Mainly, people in the urban communities make choices based on what other people think, or how other people will perceive them. This song is about people seeking validation from other people to feel secure about themselves. Check it out now! IG: @TreeBoogy


Tribe Mafia

Based in Austin, Texas, this hip hop duo is headed towards their most impactful year to date. Chinasa Broxton and Carlos “Dashawn Daniels” Moore are two distinct musical artists that combine their skills, abilities, and personalities to create the well-loved, supported, and talented Tribe Mafia. Their album It’s a Tribe Ting is set to release in 2021, while other surprises are in the works. This past February, Tribe Mafia completed the filming of the music video to “I Wanna Know” feat. Muriel in Hawaii, and they plan on going international even more. With plans on collaborating with European/Middle Eastern sounds to their versatile sound, Tribe Mafia is coming for the win this year. IG: @tribemafiamusic


Young Invent

Young Invent is back with more heat! Check out his new single “Deep End” now! This song is about having everything you want in someone just to realize it was all an illusion you made up in your head. IG: @younginvent


Zoe Gawd

Zoe Gawd is a songwriter and recording artist who makes new age rap music, heavy on melodies and flows while still delivering those New York Style bars. 2021 is filled with new music from Zoe Gawd. “Bad Things”, the first single off of the “Cold Summer” EP releasing this spring, comes out March 19th, with the video releasing shortly after. Zoe Gawd’s debut LP “Larger than Life” is releasing later this winter. IG: @_ZoeGawd

With the world still in despair from the global pandemic, these talented artists continue to do what they have always done – inspire, uplift, and unite us through their music. All of these artists are names you want to get familiar with in 2021 as they continue to elevate and dominate the music industry.