“Philly Philly Philly” By Jae Focus Featuring The Philly Sports Guy, Produced By Herb Middleton

Philly Jae Focus

Check out this banging new anthem celebrating The Philadelphia Eagles and their quest to win the Super Bowll this weekend1

Just before the NFC Championship game against the 49ers, lost in the moment, Christopher Bruce, a longtime fan, thought of Philadelphia and a few things that make the area great – cheesesteaks, pretzels, Italian water ice, and Philly’s oldest icon; The Liberty Bell – the one thing that rings out louder than anything else. 

Nothing says Philly More than the Liberty Bell. And… it’s cracked – we like it like that.

Bruce said, “The run the Birds have been on has been historic, and with the city and team embracing the motto ‘It’s A Philly Thing’ I was inspired to write a song that captured the spirit of Philadelphia and this team. When thinking on what Philly was all about and its identity, the line ‘Our Bell Might Be Cracked, But We Like It Like That’ just came to me, and we were off and running.”

“Seriously…what is more Philly than that?!?  It kind of says it all.”

Christopher Bruce, Owner of King Creative, took the idea to Herb Middleton and pushed the idea. The two came together and pulled Jae Focus and The Philly Sports Guy in to collaborate on the track. 

Herb Middleton, who also worked with Usher, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Nas, Will Smith, Total feat Biggie Smalls, Phylis Hyman, Glenn Jones, Kenny Latimore, All Nesby, Al Green, Melba Moore, and others, was just the right guy to bring the vision to life. 

“I think we embodied the spirit of the Philadelphia Eagles musically with this track and can’t wait for the fans to embrace it as their own.” ~ Herb Middleton 

Jae Focus brought just the right energy to the track gifting us with his flow and style. Focus was birthed into a legacy of musicality and lyricism; Jae found himself naturally inclined to create music and has been featured on BET, MTV & every major hip-hop blog, including allhiphop.com.

If you are a Philly Sports Fan, you know of and have seen The Philly Sports Guy at almost every major Philly Sports event over the past few years. This guy brings it every play of every game like no one before him. 

Interviews with the team are available on a limited basis (pre-game prep), to discuss the video, the inspirations behind the song, and how Philly fans, in spite of a semi-earned reputation, are the best in the world.

Jae Focus

Philly Sports Guy

Herb Middleon

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