Powerful Banger “RNR” From An Exceptional Hip-Hop Artist TEF XL


TEF XL makes his breakthrough with “RNR,” a banger in an era of chill.

Florida native rapper and hip-hop artist TEF XL delights fans once again with “RNR”, a fantastic track released in April 2022, following-up to his previous urban banger titled “Deuces.” A business executive and a social advocate, TEF’s primary mission is to use art to speak up for the voiceless. 

Raw and authentic, “RNR” sees TEF bring to the table a sophisticated concoction made of  good-old hip hop with soulful textures. From the lessons learned from his own real life experiences to his worldviews, TEF XL shares a relatable track set to resonate with millions in search for guidance and support through their own struggle. 

TEF spent the first few years of his life in rural Talladega, Alabama, where he was already immersed in music and soon learned to beatbox. His first lyrics came at the age of twelve. As an ambitious but misguided adolescent, TEF became involved in the street life of Jacksonville which led to a series of experiences he had to learn from, including the loss of many close friends, two near-death experiences, and incarceration in numerous juvenile detention centers. It was through the mentoring of a few OG’s that TEF was inspired to elevate to a bigger purpose. TEF would go on to graduate with a Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) as a symbol of that purpose. 

Later on, partnering with a friend and musical collaborator Christopher “WAX” Hines, TEF formed a hip-hop group EAST UNIT and became a music promoter. In partnership with others, TEF brought some of the biggest names in music to their local scene, including Notorious B.I.G., OutKast, and Wu-Tang Clan. Music was the tool to express himself and share his adversities to inspire, but it was his commitment to wellness and healthcare that challenged him to lead in solving the problems that contribute to the inequities and disparities within under-served communities in the healthcare system.

Using his voice to speak for those who cannot, TEF XL creates stunning songs that expose his thoughts and emotions to the world. And what better way to change the world than through art!

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