Premiere Alert: Tian Boothe Dazzles Us With ‘CP Original’

Singer-songwriter and director Tian Boothe launches her latest single, “CP Original,” on All Hip Hop.

Although very new to the music scene, Tian Boothe has accomplished so much in a brief period of time than most people do in a lifetime. In 2016 she switched from her Master of Science in Software Engineering to study Cinema Production in Los Angeles. She’s worked with sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, architect Gino Ferrari, fashion designer Inga Nataya, composer Ko-Wei Chen, actors Malcolm David Kelly, Third World Don, Cate Kessler, Amira Harvey, Erika Stasiuleviciute, Journey Christine, Mair Mulroney, Nika Balina and many more.

Tian has been writing the lyrics and script and has just finished her album E. R. Emotional Release which will also be a feature film. 

If that’s not enough, Tian lends her own vocals, writing her own songs, which she produces, along with producing her own music videos. In addition, Tian demonstrates her kindness and compassion for others through her actions, volunteering for community service organizations, and assisting in raising funds for various causes.

Tian’s previous release Shattered Dream was definitely one to talk about and never ceases to amaze viewers. Her sound blends pop, indie style R&B, and hints of classical tones.

“CP Original” opens on gleaming synth colors, glowing and radiant, flowing into a delicious R&B melody flavored with the essence of trap/hip-hop. A huge throbbing bassline and tight, crisp instruments drive the contagiously smooth rhythm.

A sparkling beat infuses the tune with delicious textures, as Tian’s silky tones glide overhead, imbuing the lyrics with tantalizing surface colors. The combination of melodic sonority and rap-lite flow gives the tune vibrancy and nuanced sonic shifts.

“It’s my fantasy/ Every kiss / Between you and me” 

“CP Original” delivers cool savors of pop, an infectious rhythmic pulse, and alluring breakdowns, all capped by the glossy tones of Tian Boothe.