Price And Kota the Friend Write A Revolutionary Love Letter To Maya Angelou On “Maya”

Rapper PRICE

Price returns with another incredible record with KOTA the Friend.

Hit machine PRICE and KOTA the Friend, a Brooklyn emcee, have built a bi-coastal bridge on “Maya,” the latest from Price. The pair go bar for ethereal bar, almost giving listeners an audio cloud to lay on. The song gives a not-so-subtle nod to the late, amazing poet Maya Angelou. “Maya” is another single from Price’s opus CLRD that drops on October 16 through Heads Music Click here to listen to “Maya” with Kota The Friend.  Price is not new and his affiliations paint a magnificent picture. He’s written and produced for Travis Scott, Mariah Carey, Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, Brandy, Hitboy and numerous others. He is also one half of the lyrical rap duo Audio Push.