Professional Singer Joy Orleans Is Inspiring Others With Her Story

As Joy Orleans continues to flourish, she says that her goal is to use her platform to bring change to the world by creating timeless and inspiring music.

When starting any journey, the end goal is to be successful. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to reach this because of the countless obstacles along the way that sometimes make it impossible for us to attain our goals. This was almost the case for the now renowned singer Joy Orleans. When she began her journey in the music industry, nothing seemed to be working, and many roadblocks stood between her and her passion. But what makes her story unique is how Joy continuously chose to fight for her dreams, and she has now cemented her spot in the music industry.

Joy Orleans is a popular name in the US music scene, having shared the stage with legends such as NOLA and soul-blues artist Walter “Wolfman” Washington and his road masters. She has written and composed several songs, including “Medusa,” Starlight,” and “Amazing Grace.” Joy is also a re-enactor and community advocate who uses her art to share her story and shine a light on specific issues that affect society.

Joy also uses her music to bring a lot of positivity to the world while encouraging her listeners not to give up on their dreams. She says that her goal is to help her fellow women and up-and-coming artists while showing her fans that no goal is too out of reach if you’re determined enough.

“Life is full of many challenges and surprises, and not everything will work out according to plan,” says Joy. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to become a successful person and even make your dreams a reality. Joy notes that it all depends on how you handle these obstacles and how willing you are to attain that goal.

Although she has faced numerous obstacles, Joy hasn’t let any of them stop her from living her passion. She has defied all odds to build a name for herself in the fiercely competitive music field, and her songs have become household tunes.

Joy’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” is a popular track, and she even performed it live during a two-day reenactment of the 1811 slave rebellion held in Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans. Joy Orleans has also written “I Am,” where she dives deeper into her story, encouraging other women not to give up.

“As a female entrepreneur, there are many challenges, not to mention how hard it can be to achieve a healthy work-life balance,” says Joy. By sharing her story as a mother and businesswoman, she is empowering fellow women that while the journey might get hard, they should keep fighting.

Joy’s active participation in the entrepreneurial space and the entertainment industry has allowed her to positively impact the world and change people’s approach to life. She has won several awards, including the Women’s Advocacy Award in 2017.

As she continues to flourish, she says that her goal is to use her platform to bring change to the world by creating timeless and inspiring music. Just like her name “Joy,” she brings joy to the world through her unique music and shows everyone that failure shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams.