R. City Ft. 2 Chainz "I'm That"


In between writing hit records for Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Usher, Fergie, Ariana Grande and many others, Grammy-winning songwriters Theron and Timothy Thomas better known as R. City aka Rock City have been quietly working on their own project. The duo released their long anticipated first single “I’m That. . .” featuring 2 Chainz to iTunes recently.

The single is an unapologetic narrative detailing their Virgin Island heritage and offering an in-depth look into the personalities behind some of today’s biggest hits. “I’m That” is a mash up of a pulsing bassline, street wise soliloquy and undercurrents of Caribbean energy; an island interpretation of hip hop aka R. City.


“I’m That. . .” is the brainchild of R. City’s partnership with Dr. Luke for his Kemosabe/RCA venture. “Partnering with Dr. Luke has been a dream come true for us,” says Theron, “he is the first producer that really gets who we are as artists and has allowed us to be who we are in that space.” “It was important for us to release “I’m That” first,” Timothy says, “we’ve released mixtapes over the years and have had tremendous support. This record gives us the opportunity to give our fan base what they’ve come to expect on an underground level in a mainstream format. It also introduces new fans to who we are.”

Check out the sneak peek below!