Rapper Gushy Bursts Onto The Scene With Catchy New Single “Cheeky Spending”

Rapper Gushy Bursts recently released his single “Cheeky Spending”, which is charting higher on every social media platform.

The music industry is becoming highly competitive for new artists. With the advent of social media, the music industry has become more challenging but open to new talent. The pandemic lockdown has further fuelled the popularity of social media, which gives budding artists a way to attract an audience. Gushy, a unique music talent, has explored this opportunity to earn his audience on social media and is emerging as a promising star. 

Before stepping into the music industry, Gushy was just another music lover. He loved listening to U.K raps and could be lost in his thoughts for hours. The lyrics often made him think. Gushy has always been a dreamer and that’s what separates him from other artists. He realized that the subjects of most of his favorite artists were similar. They talk about money, love, addiction, struggle, etc., and that is what makes their songs alike. He noticed that despite the similar topics, the songs resonate among the audience and gain huge popularity. This is what helped him discover the subjects of his song. 

Since the beginning of his journey into the music industry, Gushy wanted to be unique. Even though he decided to focus on similar topics like romance, wealth, addiction, obsession, etc. he wanted to create a signature style. He began working on his craft and soon managed to separate himself from the crowd. 

Gushy’s raps are unique in their tone that combines with notes of rap with a smooth flow of lyrics which is unlike the aggression that people often relate to raps. He recently released his single “Cheeky Spending”, which is charting higher on every social media platform. The song was released on the YouTube platform “GRM daily”. Within a few months, it has garnered thousands of views. This is quite an accomplishment for a musician who is a newbie to the industry. 

“Cheeky Spending” is directed by JFX and features Gushy in his signature looks. True to its title, the song speaks about the cheeky expenses that people are becoming obsessed with. From luxury cars to branded clothes and accessories, the show-offs are on a whole new level and they do not understand how superficial they are. In an attempt to look rich, people run after things that make them look classy without realizing their true worth as human beings. 

The video is shot in posh locations featuring skyscrapers and Rolls Romance. The classy backdrops complement the theme of the song. It has a dark undertone that hints at the fake trend of cheeky spending that we blindly follow. From expensive gifts to high-end cars, life seems to revolve around brands for us. It’s all about money and luxury now. With this message, Gushy has managed to connect with the audiences who loved the song for its unique appeal and fresh notes that break the conventional style of rapping. 

After the release of “Cheeky Spendings”, Gushy received a series of offers from big names in the music industry. He is interested in working with some of them. His fans will soon come to know about his upcoming projects on his Instagram account. Gushy has already chosen to be a part of the Wireless Festival. With his career gradually scaling up, he hopes his hard work will turn his dreams into reality.