Rapper Nazo Bravo – “Fadeaway” (Music Video)

Rapper Nazo Bravo - Fadeaway (Music Video)

LA-based rapper Nazo Bravo bounces with a tech-savvy and ground-breaking mu,ic video for the “Fadeaway.” a song is produced by GOLDMVN!

LA-based rapper Nazo Bravo picks up his game with an interesting music video for the beloved track “Fadeaway.” The song is produced by GOLDMVN and mixed by Grammy-nominated multi-platinum mix engineer Ariel Chobaz, whose credits include Drake, Nicki Minaj, and DJ Khaled.

The music video opens up with a nostalgic drive through a tunnel. The visuals push his artistic views right in front of the camera. Spiraling from dark moods to the artist spilling his addictive verses, the song is truly emitting its best performance through the music video.

The artist is not so camera shy though. He plays a crucial character in the cast of The Family Business on BET. He is seriously reinventing his musical approach to be more of a rapper than an MC.

The music video for “Fadeaway” has been extremely well received by both fans and music critics, totaling a whopping 300K plays with Spotify and YouTube combined.

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