Reality R&B – Maor Mo Croons Religion, Politics & Socioeconomics Soulfully

Rising R&B artist Maor Mo is one artist who is revolutionizing music while still staying true to traditional genres.

The music industry has been thriving on trends for ages. Unlike any other career field, there is no predetermined path to reach a goal. Musicians or music artists often lack the blueprint to reach their goals. Those who managed to carve a niche for themselves in the industry have moved mountains to reach the position they are in. Besides pure luck, it requires a unique talent to be distinguished in this extremely saturated industry. Rising R&B artist Maor Mo is one artist who is revolutionizing music while still staying true to traditional genres. 

Maor Mo, originally named Maor Mo Avigdor, was born and brought up in a family of musicians. His parents have a music band where his mother is the lead singer. It was during the band’s tour to Israel that Maor’s pregnant mother was rushed to the hospital from the stage and Maor was born. From the age of 2, Maor discovered his passion for music. It was all-natural for him because, unlike other kids of his age who are fascinated by toys and cartoons, Maor finds happiness in listening to cassette tapes and MTV music videos. 

His family moved to America when Maor was only 8. The language and the cultural difference made it increasingly difficult for young Maor to socialize. Instead, he found solace in music. He used to write songs instead of notes in school and used to spend hours recording music on his computer. At the age of 18, Maor decided to pursue his passion as a career because he knew if he could ever achieve success it had to be in music. 

His initial days in Miami were difficult. He was homeless and had to share couches with anyone he met and even worked several odd jobs just to support his passion. While his family was clueless about what drove him to struggle this way, Maor was confident about his talent and relentlessly pursued his dream of entering the music industry. 

It was during this time when Rico Love took Maor under his wing and guided him in songwriting. Later, Maor’s natural skills were honed by several other prominent names in the industry. He finally discovered his calling in R&B and his unique style of composition that instantly separated him from the competition. 

Maor fearlessly experimented with various genres but always remained true to R & B. He mixes international music with traditional tunes to create an unconventional composition that is soul-soothing yet still cutting-edge. Unlike the typical R&B lyrics, Maor is taking an unapologetically realistic approach towards the genre. He likes to talk about real-world issues like socio-economic problems, religion, political scenarios, and social injustice. This sets him apart from his contemporaries in R&B. 

His single “Usher Told You” was featured in Pleasure P’s EP titled “Pleasure P Presents”. Maor was also a part of Pleasure P’s single “Insecure”. His other collaborative music video “Robot.” with Pleasure P has created quite a buzz across all digital music platforms. 

Currently, Maor Mo is completely focused on his upcoming project “Same God”, which is scheduled to appear this October on all digital music platforms. He is optimistic about this song and feels it will set new standards for him.