Ryan Hodge: The Rising Star Every Music Fan Have on Their Radar

Today, Ryan Hodge is a rising pop star in the music industry. His country music combined with rhythms of jazz has captivated a lot of music lovers.

The music industry has seen a lot of new stars rising in the last decade. With so many new talents and creative music across genres, the world of music has reached new heights. Currently, digital platforms play a significant role in launching new talents into the music industry. The scene a decade ago was not something even close to what it is today. Ryan Hodge is a music sensation who has launched himself into music through the power of social media.

Ryan was born and brought up in the countryside of Virginia. His talent was evident in his performances at the local gospel choir. He used to stand out from the others. Little did he know that this talent would launch his career when he would least expect it. Coming from a humble background, Ryan had no big dreams. He started working at a retail chain and started as a bagger earning a few dollars every hour. 

Eventually, he got married and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. He was earning just enough to pay his bills and fund his daughter’s education when things took a turn for the worse. During the pandemic, he lost his job and was left with no other option but to start afresh at 40 years old. A career change at that point seemed impossible but Ryan made it work. All through his life, music has been a stress buster for him. He used to sing and play music during his leisure time and never thought of pursuing it as a profession. 

His daughter introduced him to the endless opportunities that the digital world offers to aspiring talents. Soon he launched his single “Never Give-Up” on various social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Almost instantly it went viral earning him huge recognition for his talent. The overwhelming response was the greatest encouragement for him to pursue his passion as a new career. Thereafter he went on a spree, releasing four new singles and one album “Half-Done”. All his projects have garnered a lot of appreciation from the audience of all age groups. 

Today, Ryan Hodge is a rising pop star in the music industry. His country music combined with rhythms of jazz has captivated a lot of music lovers. He highlights real-world problems in his music rather than focusing on idealism. This helps audiences connect to his music at a deeper level. His debut single “Never Give-Up” mesmerized millions because it talked about the practical issues of common people whose lives suddenly turned upside down during the lockdown. It was relevant to the then ongoing pandemic situation and echoed with the struggles of many who were in a similar situation like Ryan. 

Starting a career at 40 and that too in the music industry which is predominated by young talents was not easy for Ryan. He had to face several criticisms initially for his age and his lyrics but ultimately those became the unique factors in his music, setting him apart from others. There is no looking back for him now. Ryan Hodge wants to continue his journey in the music industry creating more motivational songs and inspiring more people to pursue their dreams.