Safaree Says "Can't Lie" Isn't About Nicki, Continues Stunt Gang Movement


For many people in the Hip-Hop world Safaree is known for his 12 year relationship with the famed female rapper Nicki Minaj. But, Safaree also has a buzz going with his Stunt Gang movement. In a recent interview with Billboard Safaree spoke about his new song called, “Can’t Lie,” stating that the song is more about different types of situations and him giving advice to others.Check out the song and the quotes below and decide for yourself:

When asked if the song was about personal experiences, Safaree said, “No, not necessarily. I just really put myself in the situation of like a guy or female who could have been in those types of situation and I’m sure everyone can relate to that type of situation where you feel like you didn’t tell someone the 100 percent truth and now you just wanna come out and tell them. “You know what? I did lie. I’m sorry about it. Let’s work past this and keep going.” I don’t know why but a lot of people come to me for like relationship advice like I’m Dr. Phil. I just feel like I mix some inner feelings with a combination of situations that people I actually know that have dealt with and gone through.”

“There was a situation where I was with some people and this guy met a girl. The girl he met was with one of his friends, so when they first met, he was cordial because he himself was with a girl [at the time]. It was kind of like a quadruple date with four couples and it was weird. They connected without even really saying much and they ended up falling for each other. It’s a real crazy situation. The guy ended up having to go to jail and doing a whole bunch of years. That left her in a vulnerable open space and he’s been disconnected.”

via Billboard