SB SurfsUp- “My Lil Chick On The West Coast” Video

Known for his fearless and signature lyrical sonorities, SB Surfs Up is preeminently poised for the win delivering audible bliss.

As one of the hottest new burgeoning artists from the South, Memphis, Tennessee, soul trapper SB SurfsUp is an entire vibe.

Courtesy of a loyal fanbase and many projects that hit, the Memphis native is rapidly solidifying his ascendency to Hip Hop prominence, and on his latest release “My Lil Chick On The West Coast,” he’s boasting a lyrical delivery worth of praise.

Having released multiple successful albums, singles, and videos while dominating Spotify with extremely successful streams, it was only proper that he bless the industry with another highly-anticipated banger.

Check out SB SurfsUp’s new visual for “My Lil Chick On The West Coast.” It’s the ultimate turn up!