Sean Kiez Drops “BOTTOM BIHH” Visual

Check out this new slapper by Sean Kiez, who is representing Houston.

Houston recording artist Sean Kiez drops his highly-anticipated single titled “BOTTOM BIHH.”

The animated music video is illustrated by Compton native Marcus D. Newsom, showcasing the importance of having a ride-or-die. The catchy yet soulful track underscores the powerful message of the single, honoring the power of your soulmate to stand strong against all that life throws at you.

The “Bottom Bihh” visual symbolizes life as a maze. Kiez states, “We all go through so many different hurdles and we never know what life will give you. I wanted to show the unity and bond in a relationship. By working together, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”

Comic book artist Newsom took his retro futuristic animation style to capture the “Bottom Bihh” visual, drawing out a unique storyline reflecting the ups and down rollercoaster that comes with this thing called life. 

Acknowledging the good and the bad — whether that’s coming up on a real opportunity or struggling with debt, law enforcement, addiction, etc. — Kiez’s single displays the importance in having a partner who can support you and go through it with you to the very end. 

While cartoon Kiez becomes his own superhero in the video, there’s also animated cameos of his inspirations including the legendary Master P, Amber Rose, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Snoop and more.