SODMG Rapper Paul Allen Drops “Money On My Mind” Video


Life in the streets comes with its ups and downs just like any other industry. The main difference is in the streets, there’s no room for error because it could mean life or death. The story of the struggle is one that SODMG rapper Paul Allen knows all too well. Having dodged bullets and cases, Paul Allen is lucky to be alive and free. Now he’s living every day like it’s his last, focused on a grind for that paper.

“I’m actually in the streets and actually getting in these people’s faces. I’m proving to these people that this is my life. I’m not promoting the bad sh*t, but I’m shedding light on my story and what I’ve been through. Everything is all original and it’s just time for everyone to hear my story, said Allen.”

Paul Allen says being recognized is an amazing feeling because with all the work that we do, it just shows that it all pays off. After Zaytoven laced up his last song, Paul took things in-house and this track is produced by close friend Diamond OB.

“I just shot the video in Inglewood, CA and we went and shot the video in the hood. We ready to put the foot on their necks in 2016,” said Allen.

Check out his “Money On My Mind” video below!