Sonny DaVinci Unleashes New Track With “Something Borrowed”


Sonny DaVinci is an upcoming Hip Hop artist ready to feed the masses with his vivid personality and unorthodox style. As an artist, Sonny takes pride in his ability to be versatile in his style, themes and subject matter. Songs in Sonny’s catalog range from conscious to club bangers to street anthems to storytelling, each part a piece of a larger, more complex puzzle that peers into the human mind.

It wasn’t until Sonny met his older brother at age 6, however, that Sonny was introduced and enamored by Hip Hop. After watching his now-favorite emcee, Eminem, on TV, Sonny was startled and intrigued by the animated feel, rebellious attitude, rhyme schemes and intricate patterns found on songs like “My Name Is,” which prompted his original decision to rap at age 9.

His first official single, “Something Borrowed,” is an example of Sonny’s decision to speak on his life and relationships at length. The single, a club-inspired upbeat track, speaks on dealing with a relationship in which one’s girlfriend is always speaking on what her friends’ opinions of her situation is, rather than what she feels. Inspired by true events, Sonny goes on to tell the woman that her friends are always interested in letting her know what they would do if they were in her shoes, as if they secretly want to borrow them. In addition to releasing “Something Borrowed,” Sonny is planning to release his upcoming project, ‘Evaluating Depression’, as well as planning to perform around Dallas, widen his audience, and further establish his brand. Take a listen to the single below!

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