Southern Rapper, Translee Adds a New Perspective to Hip-Hop with Latest EP, #MAOTP Pt. 1


Atlanta-based Hip-Hop artist, Translee, who originally hails from Huntsville, Alabama, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest project titled, #MAOTP Pt.1, which dropped September 9th.

The upcoming album boasts a fresh new southern sound wave for the hip-hop industry introduced by his most recent single, “Lost in The Sauce.”

Translee teamed up with CEO of Digital Nativ3 Culture indie label, Chris Hunter and producers Todd Marshall and Tha Officialz to mold the vibe and energy of the album.

Shifting gears from the common southern club banger, Translee used his college education to create an enlightening 10-track body of work discussing a variety of real life topics and issues relatable to every day millennials and their every day lives.

The track list is as follows:

1.     Hustle

2.     Depends (ft. Zip K)

3.     RnR

4.     Assuming

5.     Want (ft. Bags)

6.     Whenever (ft. Jayy Iman)

7.     VnB (ft. Zip K)

8.     Fattman Deezy Prayer

9.     Lost in the Sauce

10.  Humble/TTY