SRT Big Shugg Creates Legacy For South Side Chicago

The school wasn’t really cut out for SRT Big Shugg even though college was for his parents.

SRT Big Shugg was born thirty-miles south of Chicago, Illinois under the name of Romerio Bounds in a two-parent household. His mother is an educator and his father is a retired production line supervisor.  He has a brother, Paul, a sister-in-law DeShanna, a sister Kelly, and two nephews Carter and PJ whom he loves dearly.  SRT Big Shugg went to O. W. Huth middle school and then later graduated from Rich Central high school at the age of seventeen and enlisted into the U.S. Army as a supply specialist.  After serving in the military SRT did several semesters at Chicago State University majoring in Finance/Accounting.  

The school wasn’t really cut out for SRT Big Shugg even though college was for his parents. Not because he couldn’t keep up academically but because his heart was not there.  Since he was in O.W. Huth middle school he found joy as a sound engineer for his friends.  

“It feels like yesterday when Frank Vibes and SRT Kazzy would come to my home after school to be recorded on substandard equipment.  So, when my homie Justin moved to California it only made sense to follow my dreams.  I recall telling my mom, I had to leave Chicago to pursue my ambitions in the music industry.  I can honestly say it was the right move for me.  Since being in Cali I’ve made phenomenal musical connections.” 

SRT Big Shugga has worked with the following producers (Chase Davis, Southsidee, Steve J., b1onthat, and 1blua); artists (Lil Mouse, Pablo, Rio Da Yung Og, BG Lonnie Bands, BabyFace Ray, SRT Kazzy, MP, SRT General, Pablo, Big Grind); engineers (David A., Ari, Marcus Porter, Leo Carpenter, Will a Fool); production companies (Azae Productions, Jimmy Whisperz, Film Barrel Studios).  

As a result, his music has been heard worldwide across multiple demographic ages. For example, “Lil N####”, “DaRaq”, “Overkill” are songs for individuals between the ages of 18-34 years old.  For those more seasoned, 35 years and older he has “Pride”, “Loose Ends”, “Rain”, and “Impatient”. 

Be sure to check out the new EP which drops July 18th pre-sales start July 4th!

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