Sunny Jorge Takes Center Stage With New ‘Venus’ EP

All hits and no misses, Venus gives us all something to think about.

After announcing the release of his highly-anticipated EP a few months back, Sunny Jorge is finally taking center stage with the project’s release. Venus is officially available on all digital streaming platforms, and the seven-track project does not disappoint.

This one was clearly not created, so you could be the life of the party. Sunny’s aim was definitely set on evoking emotion and triggering memories. Each track paints a picture and gives us a first-class trip down memory lane. All hits and no misses, Venus gives us all something to think about. The Koolaid Baby Entertainment recording artist bares all. Triggered reflection. From start to finish, Sunny manages to use his storytelling ability and versatility to create the relatable content we crave.

Produced by 973studiosVenus includes features from GetBizzy Nino and Hmt.

Stream Venus in its entirety below.

About Sunny Jorge

Sunny Jorge is the owner and founder of Koolaid Baby Entertainment LLC, based out of New Jersey. He was discovered by engineer Tony Murk Da Don and Iran Walker of  MoneyGrindEntertainment. After the death of Big Gov Mattic (DefJam Engineer ) from Newark, New Jersey. Sunny Jorge’s introduction to MGE was simple.

His talent and his creativity landed him into a position where he was able to finally conquer his unique sound of expression, resealing his first single in 2019 titled “This Here I Swear,” which placed him on Vevo with over 40k views. Sunny Jorge’s first EP, The Last Supper, was also released in 2019, which landed and caught the ears of major recording artist Fetty Wap.