The Amazing Artist Krujay Is Back With An Incredibly Groovy Record, Recipe

‘Recipe’ tells a story of infatuation starring Krujay as the employee’s head over heels by a waitress at his new job.

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Dane Kryger aka Krujay now resides in Columbia, Maryland where his music career continues to flourish.

His path to becoming an artist was prophesied since birth, finding love for music through his parents who often indulged in songs of the 80s and 90s. As he grew, Krujay gravitated to hip hop and RnB acts like Eminem, Wu-Tang, Biggie Smalls, The Lox, A Tribe Called Quest, Usher, and Musiq Soulchild to name a few.

Krujay admired the range of sounds by those that held the title of hip hop goats and developed a style of his own that was as versatile as the legends themselves. His music held a feel-good wavy vibe that took listeners to a chill fun place.

Now Krujay is back with an incredibly groovy record, Recipe! Recipe gives you those summer vibes that will rock a whole party, with Krujays deliverance on this track drawing comparison to Bruno Mars style. Just sit back, crank the volume to the max and let the vibe take over.

Krujay is a recording artist that was born in Winnipeg, Canada, grew up in Philadelphia, PA, and now resides in Maryland. This record has something special about it, that good vibe song that kind of just puts you in a great mood. We look forward to hearing more from Krujay, as he currently is working on his upcoming debut album, and continues to drop content including freestyles, collabs, and much more throughout his social media often.

‘Recipe’ exudes soulful melodies and smooth vocals, the track gives fans a taste of Krujay with his melodic singing flow mixed in with hip hop essence. It’s a fresh new spin on his already famed style of music and is already embraced and loved by audiences vibing to the single. The track is on pace to be the summer anthem of 2022 with its rhythmic cadence and intoxicating new sound.

‘Recipe’ tells a story of infatuation starring Krujay as the employee’s head over heels by a waitress at his new job. The song is catchy, trendy, and fun, following his dysfunction at the job due to his love interest while dealing with his infuriated boss.

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