thegamblechild: Resilience, Positivity, and the Quest to Inspire

Inspired by hip hop legends like Eminem and 50 Cent, thegamblechild developed his skills while immersed in the underground music scene.

Meet thegamblechild, a one of a kind new school rapper, who’s ability to shape, stear, and set his bars are quickly becoming an inspiration to new and old patrons of the genre.  A rising hip hop star, Gamble has an unlikely musical persona that pairs the resilience he’s experienced in his young life with a burning desire to be a role model for the next generation. Born Chase Curran, this talented artist, songwriter, and proud Catholic grew up in the outskirts of London, facing a heavy hardship, poverty, abuse brought about by chronic addiction in his family.

Adversity has yet to deter his fate, as the complexity of his living conditions did not limit his will to unlock his inner artist. Even after enduring an unsavoury time in foster care, Chase’s life took a positive turn when his father rescued him and brought him to the United States. A fresh start many seldom have, but this new found stability gave Chase the perfect opportunity to build, and build he did. 

Inspired by hip hop legends like Eminem and 50 Cent, thegamblechild developed his skills while immersed in the underground music scene. Many artists turn towards a degeneracy in their stage persona when handed the type of life that chase had. It’s easy, be it the rags-to-riches prince, the callissed-handed criminal, or the “real-G”, hip hop has a way to make urban culture into a violent ordeal. With very few maintaining an attachment to their lyrics outside of their imagery portrayed as a means of exposure, Chase has taken a clear step in the direction of something very different. Despite having all the reasons to do so, this artist is definitely different.

The stage name itself is a testament to his faith, wherein he is a fond believer of the risk that goes into the pursuit of one’s dream. As a recent interview with Pinch of Sol magazine went, Chase is challenging everyone to follow their dreams and have the courage to fumble, fall and get back up while doing it. It is never a matter of a clear meadowed path, life is its own hardship but no matter what may come your way, belief in the self to keep walking, and belief in a power greater than your own that is leading you, are fundamental to maintaining a level-head, straight back, and due course for life. 

Chase’s journey as thegamblechild began in high school, where he stood out as the sole Irishmen in his class. When in America, this became a novelty especially when he started picking up the mic. Over the years, he honed his skills, recording and producing songs with top artists. Stepping out of the industry shadow, Chase has rebuilt his own brand, is signed to himself, and has no one holding a sword over his head. He is free to create and free to venture down his musical path.

“Beat up the Beat.”the debut track  by his new persona has an innate flow, wired chorus, and filled with a very unique sense of entitlement in its tone. Definitely something that is authentically his own. In an industry known for its egotism and self-centeredness, thegamblechild is a breath of fresh air. His lyrics invigorate and motivate, aiming to empower listeners rather than boast about himself. Chase’s goal is clear: he wants to inspire audiences to believe in themselves, manifest their dreams, and rise above their circumstances.