TheOfficialBron Has A Banger With “Tough”


TheOfficialBron’s song “Tough” is the rapper’s top streamed song. Take a listen to his banger!

TheOfficialBron (real name Matthew Lebron) has promised to deliver towards the end of 2021 and all of 2022. Although “Tough” was released back in December of 2020 on the album “The Come Up”, it quickly became TheOfficialBron’s top streamed song.

The album is full of hit songs that were made with ease from TheOfficialBron’s versatility skills, but this one song has a unique flavor to it. This song explains a specific situation that he was in back home when he had a close call with the authorities and was lucky to be able to get out of that jam.


Since the release of this album, he has not released any new music as he is doing other behind the scene important things at the moment that will help his music career, label “Alpha No Beta”, his military career and his educational career as well.

This multi-talented artist has a few tricks up his sleeve that will definitely have his fans understand the reason for waiting for new music.