Timbaland Backs Virginia Artists Young Crazy & Breeze Barker With Fire Production


Sharks x Pistols

We all know that Timbaland has a knack for finding talent. Many regard him as the backbone for the whole late 90’s Virginia movement that occurred with Missy Elliott, Genuine and many others.

But with many new acts and movements stemming out of “The 7 Cities” of VA, Livehouse ENT Hip-Hop artists Young Crazy & Breeze Barker have linked up with Timbaland for some heavy production on their project Sharks x Pistols. The project is seen as an “ode” to Virginia and the lifestyle of the Sharks & Pistols as it pays homage to 2 major cities of Virginia in which both rappers reside, Norfolk (Shark City) and Portsmouth (Pistol City).

But check out the producers they got for this one. Production comes from super-producer and mentor, Timabaland, Milli Beatz of Timbaland Productions, Fade Majah of Team Timbo, Lex Luger, Kino Beats, Ready Rock, D4 and more.

Standout records include the leading track, “Come & Get It,” the latest visual follow-up, “How I Got It”, & Timbaland x Milli Beatz co-produced hits, “Too Virginia” and “Callin & Callin” (featured on Timbaland’s latest mixtape King Stays King).