Tyeler Reign – “F*ck Ni**as” Video

Tyeler’s sonic delivery carries a depth of authenticity that’s hot enough to melt an iceberg, and the Hip Hop community rapidly took notice.

After winning season five of the Lifetime competition Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah-produced series The Rap Game, burgeoning Hip Hop artist Tyeler Reign solidified her incursion into the spotlight, while becoming a household name.

Now, working jointly with entertainment executive Nicholas Menifee of Vive Entertainment whose pedigree is credited with pioneering the careers of some of the most successful musicians, and producers in entertainment championing her success, Tyeler Reign is without question rapidly charting a path to unprecedented wins.

On her latest release “F*ck Ni**as,” Tyeler’s unapologetic lyrical stance coupled with a haughty delivery sends a message that commands respect from the fellas and is an empowering anthem for the women who run sh*t.