Upcoming Artists Should Learn From ImKyleDaMan

Kyle’s advice is to be yourself and creative, and not to let the industry change who you are.

The music space has proved itself time and time again as the industry keeps evolving. Artists are now making a living off their voice, royalties, and music business-related relationships. ImKyleDaMan is also known as “Da Man” or “Kyle Da Manager” is one of the phenomenal names that ring bells on the management side of the industry. Kyle grew up in Los Angeles, California, and has been managing artists for nearly a decade. Here are lessons you can learn from Kyle personally.

Build With Others (Network/Networth)!

As a manager who works at a major record label company, I always learn to mentor others. The more you mentor others in the industry, the brighter your star shines. Remember that the sky is not the limit if we’re gonna set your career to the moon.

If your success is taking too long, just have good faith and trust the process of what I’m going to do with your career. A day will come, and you will enjoy your choices. Do not let what others say or their critique or lack of faith affect your work and your determination.  It is easy to give up, and people will even make it easier. Be your #1 supporter, but don’t forget Kyle.

Stay True To Yourself (Open Doors)!

Kyle’s advice is to be yourself and creative, and not to let the industry change who you are.  The music industry is all about who you know and how you know them, so if you know me then you probably will have many doors opened, I hold the keys to what’s going on, especially when you’re just getting started, let me change your life in a few weeks than waste your time online trying to find a real manager. You can connect with Kyle on Instagram @imkyledaman. If you want to reach out to Kyle hit him in the DM’s or text him at (518) 935-7448.