Vincent Zirah’s Musical Revolution: From Infigroove to “Evolution” and Beyond

Vincent Zirah, a self-taught developer and entrepreneurial music-lover, designed Infigroove, a music service meant to deliver an experience that didn’t skimp on any of these three criteria.

When you consider that the average person spends 25 hours a month listening to music, the platform they pick to play it on becomes a genuine dilemma. Many services offer subscription-based access to a vast catalog of music and provide a smooth and easy-to-use interface. That’s not difficult to find these days. However, what is hard to track down is a service that’s high-quality, intuitive, and available without all the crazy fees. It’s a classic situation of pick two, and the compromise doesn’t exactly make it a boon for everybody.

In response, Vincent Zirah, a self-taught developer and entrepreneurial music-lover, designed Infigroove, a music service meant to deliver an experience that didn’t skimp on any of these three criteria. However, unlike the big names we’re all well familiar with, Infigroove is both completely free and completely legal, boasting all the features we’ve come to expect from a premium service. 

From user-generated playlists to real-time scrolling lyrics to algorithm-based song recommendations and more, everything you need is still here, just with something a little extra thrown in: the ability to watch music videos directly in the player. This then allows for users to pick between audio and visual experiences, granting a level of personal choice and engagement that the major services don’t. 

The magic behind this idea is a brilliant combination of several APIs from different services, giving Infigroove the ability to directly interact with YouTube to suggest videos and match them with music databases like Discogs. It’s surprisingly simple at its core but very effective, offering seamless, easy navigation without the hefty price tag that usually comes along with it. 

Yet, Infigroove isn’t a lone success for its owner. On top of being owner of the rising free streaming service, Vincent Zirah’s also working on developing a bourgeoning career as a musical artist, shifting to the other side of the industry to more closely connect with the musicians who keep his platform afloat. The recent move was a risky one, although the French producer has risen to the challenge. It’s evident just by a cursory glance at his recent releases that there’s some true talent here under the surface. 

His first song entitled “Better Mood” instantly gathered positive reactions regardless of his lack of experience, applauded for its sunny disposition, catchy lyrics, and well-designed arrangement. The bass on the opening verse, the expert-level guitar solo towards the end, and the vocals surging above the instrumentals give it a sense of polish and scale typically missing in beginner artists, instantly distinguishing Vincent Zirah’s work from the thousands of other musicians vying for attention. 

The entrepreneur’s first entry into the crowded music market made a very promising start to his new career. For some, it would simply remain just that: a start and nothing else. After all, it’s not unusual for early successes to simply fizzle out before they really get going. Let’s see how it goes for him.

“Evolution,” his second release, came out of that devotion, showing that the GeniusLix founder is more than a one-trick pony. The song’s change in genre and focus audibly supports this, too. More in the realm of Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and other similar performers halfway between pop and electric, “Evolution” has a distinct and clear identity from its predecessor, completely antithetical to “Better Mood’s” Mraz-y summertime branding.