Waleed Coyote Drops New Single “Baba” Featuring VV$ Diamond

Waleed Coyote

Waleed Coyote blends cultural depth with fresh talent in his newly dropped single “Baba” featuring VV$ Diamond.

Hip-Hop innovator Waleed Coyote released his latest single, “Baba,” spotlighting emerging talent VV$ Diamond on a bass-heavy track that intertwines Middle Eastern sounds with drill music and a political message.

The release showcases Waleed’s commitment to addressing global issues through music.

VV$ Diamond, a new voice in Hip-Hop under Othaz Records, lends her dynamic vocals to “Baba,” blending themes of power and allure.

The track, crafted by producer M.O. Musik, features a robust bass line paired with Arabic musical elements, setting a distinct tone that supports its lyrical content.

The song uses the term “Baba,” which is known in international slang as “Daddy,” to merge cultural influences with the audacious energy typical of drill music.

In the broader scope of Hip-Hop, “Baba” stands out with its explicit support for Palestinian liberation, marked by the hashtag #FreePalestine integrated into its rollout.

This political stance aligns with Hip-Hop’s historical roots in social justice, echoing past movements where the genre served as a platform for marginalized voices.

Waleed Coyote’s role as CEO of Othaz Records and his history of producing platinum hits including works from notable artist DJ Luke Nasty, has positioned him uniquely in the industry.

His label, renowned for supporting over 400 artists with distribution through partnerships with EMPIRE, continues to influence the music scene significantly.

“Baba” is currently available across all streaming platforms, inviting listeners to experience a fusion of cultural sounds with contemporary Hip-Hop rhythms.

Fans and new listeners alike can connect with Waleed Coyote, VV$ Diamond, and M.O. Musik through their social media for updates on their upcoming projects.