Walter Weekes, a Fast Rising Talent in the Music Industry

Weekes is a promising musical phenomenon working to find his niche in the music industry, learning, and getting a better understanding of the industry’s dynamics.

At 20 years of age, Walter Weekes is already establishing a name for himself in the highly competitive music scene. A songwriter, singer, and record producer, Weekes is moving many in the industry with his unique and raw musical talent. His lyrical prowess and captivating songs have helped him build his reputation, and he is steadily gaining massive traction among music enthusiasts across many U.S. states.

Weekes is a promising musical phenomenon working to find his niche in the music industry, learning, and getting a better understanding of the industry’s dynamics. His passion and love for music have driven him to unlock his potential. A multi-talented individual, Weekes is also exemplary in music production. He possesses unmatched skills in his approaches to production, which highlights his musical ability.

Weekes was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the musical cities in the U.S.. From a young age, Weekes shared a passion for music. He loved singing along to melodies and any good music that caught his attention, a habit he has never lost. Music sounded magical to him, and all he wanted to be was a musician. In high school, Weekes spent most of his free time writing music and singing for his friends who eagerly listened to his songs.

Right from high school, Weekes was sure that he wanted to pursue music. Growing up in a city with a massive pool of award-winning music talents and recording personalities also played a significant role in nurturing his talent. There were lots of talented musicians to look up to and also to learn from.

However, growing up in such an environment, it was not a walk in the park to enter the music scene. He has faced numerous challenges and obstacles in his musical journey. He came from a humble background where things were tough. There were days his family would sleep hungry or sleep out in the cold after being thrown out of their rented house. As the firstborn in a family of 4, he had to do manual jobs most evenings to help support his family as well as keep himself in school until he finished. Being a singer in a hip-hop-dominated city made it hard for him to feature in the limelight. All attention seemed to be on the buzzing hip-hop scene, but he did not relent.

Instead, he capitalized on his creativity to create his unique musical sound that is a fusion of soft rock and jazz with a special hip-hop touch. Essentially, the widespread hip-hop culture in Atlanta somehow influenced his decision to feature rap in his songs. He wanted to create a unique sound for a broader music audience.

His inspiration comes from some of the most prominent names in the industry: Lionel Richie, Fetty Wap, Toni Braxton, and UB40, the legendary English band.

Weekes is still an independent artist, working hard to push his music. It’s just amazing how he has been able to break through the industry as an independent artist and gain visibility. For many artists, working under a music label is the perfect way to be introduced to the industry. And it can be a challenging journey working as an independent artist. 

The future is bright for Weekes as he aspires to establish his own record label. He wants to scale his career as a musician and also diversify as a music producer. A record label will help him exploit the full potential of his music production skills.

There is undoubtedly more to come from Weekes, and he promises his fans that he will continue to amaze them.