Whitenoise Raps With A Golden Age  Hip Hop Style

Whitenoise is a truly unique artist with a set of skills that could ultimately lead him to make it on his own.

Whitenoise is the alias for James Joseph Dickens II from Toledo, Ohio. For the last seven years, James has dedicated this time to establishing his brand. Finally, after a long-awaited legal battle, He trademarked his own artist name without the help of a lawyer and now his mark is set to be completely registered in late February 2023.

Whitenoise is the owner of the most nostalgic record label company in his hometown, Glass City Records. He has helped countless artists with their music business by showing them how to establish their online presence, making Whitenoise the most prominent Hip Hop artist locally in Toledo. Whitenoise emerged from the SoundCloud rap era but was able to maintain a golden age of hip-hop style throughout this period.

Giving us metaphoric punchlines and a 90s hip-hop vibe with his music, trying to veer audiences away from the mumble rap scene. James takes pride in doing his own cover artwork and logo designs. He goes so far in depth about designing his own image that he even created his own website. One conversation with him and you will be questioning why this artist hasn’t blown up yet. Whitenoise has struggled over the years to get his music discovered because the name 

White Noise is widely used across the world for different purposes. James was asked what success meant for him. His response was “I can’t compete with both views or plays. These major labels buy their own artists’ music to push them on the charts. For an independent artist like me. All I can do is be the best version of myself and hopefully, at the end of it all they can search up my name and listen to my music when I’m gone.”

He is a truly unique artist with a set of skills that could ultimately lead him to make it on his own. To establish his brand, James had to contact each individual music company to correct his music pages, used his trademark to gain the username @whitenoise on every major platform, and made himself notable enough to be verified on social media. To see an artist do this on their own without a major label is nothing less than impressive. His career has just started and there will be more to come from the American rapper Whitenoise.